April’s Design Round Table brought together an exciting mix of K-12 and university educators at the Industrial Design department at The University of the Arts.

Industrial Design Program Director Alexandra Schmidt-Ullrich took us on a tour of the undergraduate studios, where we met students diligently working on their final projects. She also walked us through the department’s shop, where we met Shop Supervisor Justin Bernard, who was working with students to set up new 3D printers.

Following the tour, PlusUs founder and UArts Lecturer Phil Holcombe facilitated a conversation about makerspaces and distributed making with Friend Central‘s Michael Darfler, who directs the school’s makerspace.

Thanks to the students and faculty at UArts who shared their time, expertise, and insight into what a design education looks like!


The League of Extraordinary Educators (LEE) is a group of teachers, designers, makers, and doers dedicated to designing meaningful learning experiences. PlusUs created and co-organizes a series of monthly events to share new ideas and meet like-minded educators in an informal environment. Learn more about the League of Extraordinary Educators or RSVP to our next event at: leeroundtable.weebly.com