Leading a Design Thinking Workshop for Educators


The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program


PlusUs led Mural Arts educators in a professional development workshop centered around the foundations of design thinking and innovation in the classroom. We introduced these educators to design thinking through hands-on activities and examples in our own work. In advance of arriving for the workshop, PlusUs crowd-sourced potential challenge questions directly from Mural Arts educators. In doing so, we ensured that the content of the workshop was pertinent to all it’s participants. Mural Arts showed the strongest interest in exploring how to better connect students at different project sites around the city, so we designed the workshop around this idea.

Working in small teams, this professional development workshop dove head first into the design thinking process, analyzing and interpreting the problem, generating a wide variety of ideas and quick prototypes, and sharing those prototypes with the group to receive feedback. Each team then refined their most successful ideas and carefully considered the logistics of implementing each solution. Educators left the workshop with ready-to-use prototypes that could better help them connect their city-wide programming together.


Curriculum Design