Partnering to Provide Free Environmental Science Education


The National Guard


Citizen Earth Watch is an environmental monitoring program for high school classrooms. The program’s first product is a water quality field kit based on The WQI Project, a similar learning tool we designed for middle school learners. Citizen Earth Watch is designed to support an inquiry-driven investigation of watersheds, water quality, and stormwater management. Learners use digital technology to analyze water health and share their results with students around the country on the companion website, This database of open-source water information can be leveraged by other students and scientists alike.

Thanks to a sponsorship from the National Guard, Citizen Earth Watch is provided to in-need classrooms at no cost.

Citizen Earth Watch is easily accommodated by high school science curricula; it is built on Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, and is a logical introduction to important concepts found in chemistry, biology, and environmental science.


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