Helping a Makerspace Connect with the Community


Department of Making + Doing (DM+D)


PlusUs partnered with DM+D to develop their community presence through effective storytelling. We achieved this through the creation of a branding package that included a logo, website, print materials, and environmental graphics. The brand was designed with simplicity in mind: it relies on one font, four colors, concise language, and a clear set of usage rules. The overall simplicity allows DM+D to create their own promotional materials effectively, thereby encouraging the maker culture they value.

The logo describes a synergy between DM+D’s four partner organizations by representing each as a side of the plus sign. It can also be used to visualize collaborations between partner organizations, as depicted in the animation.

In addition, we designed and developed a responsive website that allows DM+D to promote their programming and share the great work of their community members. The website is built on a WordPress content management system and gives DM+D the ability to quickly add, update, and manage information about their workshops and events.


Logo Design
Website Design
Custom Website Development
Print Collateral