Creating a National Project-Based Math Program


Race 2 Achieve


PlusUs worked with a nationally recognized racing team and their sponsor to create Race 2 Achieve, a free curriculum toolkit that helps high school learners better understand key concepts in physics, algebra II, and trigonometry through a real-world engineering process. Working in small teams, students engineer, test, modify, and race cars they create from a kit of parts. Central to the curriculum is the student’s ability to touch and manipulate concepts, to see and understand them in action, while simultaneously building important team and collaboration skills.

“Race 2 Achieve opened my eyes to how much math is used. Class is no longer just a means to graduate, but a stepping stone to something much greater.”- Robbie, high school student

PlusUs began with research and empathy work in order to understand the ways NASCAR engineers utilize the engineering process. We toured facilities, shadowed and interviewed engineers, and studied stock-car construction. NASCAR engineers perpetually use STEM skills, but (unlike what is often found in traditional classrooms) their use of these skills is never siloed; they move fluidly between advanced math, science, engineering, and design concepts.

Through our aggressive first-year marketing strategy, we delivered free Race 2 Achieve kits to over 2,000 classrooms interested in the toolkit. In this first year alone, Race 2 Achieve reached 35,000 students in all 50 states. In the program’s second year, we increased our reach, engaging over 50,000 new students in all 50 states. PlusUs also designed feedback mechanisms to improve future iterations of the curriculum. Classroom feedback demonstrated the strong need for hands-on applications. Students and teachers indicated that building was not only the most enjoyable aspect of the project, but also the most beneficial for learning key concepts.


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