Reimagining a Library for 21st Century Learners


Perkiomen Valley Middle School East


PlusUs worked with Perkiomen Valley Middle School East to re-design their 4,000 square foot library space for 21st century learning. We created a variety of flexible and cost-effective solutions that promote group dialogue, presentations, random interactions, individual work, hands-on work, and whole body learning. We themed the space with graphics, and selected a system of furniture and finishes.

The center of the space was re-designed to serve as a gathering area for group work and conversation. At the entry, we designed a cafe area, which draws students into the space and supports casual interactions. The existing circulation desk was repurposed and refinished to serve as a new cafe counter. One corner was transformed into a presentation area with configurable tiered seating, twelve foot whiteboard wall, and lectern.

Students, teachers, and administration were essential in the design process. Through a series of PlusUs design charrettes, they provided input on functionality, look and feel, and special features. These activities help ensure that learner needs are met, while also generating interest and buy-in for the new space.


Design Research
Community Engagement
Project Management
Interior Design
Custom Fabrication