Facilitating Design Workshops for High School Students


The Franklin Institute


PlusUs works with The Franklin Institute to regularly design and implement workshops for high school students from the nearby Science Leadership Academy. Our work for The Franklin Institute has been a recipient of the IDSA Design for Learning Challenge.

Our workshops at the Franklin are cross-disciplinary and driven by student inquiry; they require students to apply and evolve their skills as scientists, engineers, designers, technologists, mathematicians, and critical thinkers, simultaneously. In wearing many hats, they are challenged to re-consider what it means to be a problem solver, as well as the means by which they solve these problems.

In this workshop students work with The Franklin’s in-house industrial designers to rethink the current SportsZone exhibit. Students are exposed to the design team’s process and asked to replicate it as they work in teams to redesign the exhibit. Students track the user experience, brainstorm ideas, build prototypes, and pitch their new ideas to the design team.

Students use the museum’s Science Garden to explore the relationship between local soil quality and local water quality. Throughout the workshop students research environmental indicators, run observational and chemical tests, synthesize and contribute their data to an online student and share their results with the community through presentations and posters.


Curriculum Design